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Our world-class Ophthalmologists team is highly specialized in both surgical and medical eye treatments. The department aims not to only treat, but to prevent eye disease and injury. With extensive knowledge of wide range of eye diseases (Pediatric conditions, Cornea, Cataract, Glaucoma), our team is adept at diagnosing and treating a variety of eye-related conditions.


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The number one priority for the team at Burjeel Specialty Hospital is to ensure that our clients receive elite level healthcare services and solutions. Our team of ophthalmologists in Sharjah holds extensive experience and qualification to their credit treating people from Ajman too. It is due to their dedication that Burjeel Specialty Hospital has gained an excellent reputation for our world-class services.


Upon visiting our facility, you will be examined by our ophthalmologists to attain a clear diagnosis. After this, a detailed treatment plan will be formulated based upon your individual condition. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply cannot work. For this reason, a personalized treatment plan is formulated for each patient, based upon their condition and medical history


When to seek Medical Help?


You should have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist if you have any of these signs of or risk factors for eye disease:


  • Decreased vision, even if temporary
  • Distorted vision
  • New floaters (black “strings” or specks in the vision) and flashes of light
  • A curtain or veil blocking vision
  • Halos (colored circles around lights)
  • An eye injury or eye pain
  • Red eye
  • Bulging of one or both eyes
  • Misaligned eyes
  • Double vision
  • Loss of peripheral (side) vision
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Thyroid disease-related eye problems (Graves’ disease)
  • A family history of eye disease
  • Excess tearing
  • Eyelid abnormalities


Burjeel Specialty Hospital’s reputation is built on the quality of medical care provided. Hence, we have made it a point to follow stringent standards that are in place to recruit world-class medical professionals. Our panel of highly qualified experts has trained extensively in leading hospitals around the world and possesses internationally recognized degrees from Europe and other continents. Combined with state-of-the-art technology, the team delivers exemplary care and treatment following the highest international standards and protocols.

Dr. Riyam Rashid

Dr. Riyam Rashid

Specialist Ophthalmologist
Dr. Salim Zafar Asaad

Dr. Salim Zafar Asaad

Specialist Ophthalmology

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