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request to medical information

Patient At Burjeel Specialty Hospital Has The Right To Ask For Copy Of Your Medical Records
Burjeel Specialty Hospital patients may request a copy of the detailed records that is contained in their Medical record as Medical Report. However, a fee may be charged for the Detailed Medical Report.

Why Does Patient Sign An Authorization To Release Consent Form?
When a patient signs the Authorization to release information consent form, they are authorizing Burjeel Specialty Hospital permission to release his Health information. All patients must authorize the release of their medical information and highlight to whom this information can be released. Patient can download copy of Authorization to release information consent form fill up and send by registered email. Copies of Investigations will only be released through the Medical Records Department. Medical Records Department (Release of Information) is open from 9 am until 5 pm Saturday to Thursday. Time 48 hour's time will be taken for the patient's report to be ready for release. Reports cannot be released until they have been signed by the concerned physician.

Patient Representative Receive Records?
Records can be released to a representative, spouse, or family member if the representative, spouse, or family member has a signed authorization from the patient authorizing the release. The representative, spouse, or family member must present a valid ID (passport copy or Emirates ID) and a copy of a valid ID from the patient before the information can be released. Records of minor children can be released to the parents without an authorization. The parent will need to present their ID to receive the records of their minor child or children.

For enquiries and further information, Please call Medical Records Reception No: 06 5075098 /5020 / Send an email.

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